Annuity Options Helper
  Value of your existing pension funds    
  Value of existing private pension funds (not yet in payment) (£)  
  Annual value of pensions in payment or pensions from final salary pension schemes that are not yet in payment - EXCLUDING any State Pension (£)  
  Personal Cirumstances    
  Do you have a spouse, a civil partner or any financial dependents ?  
  Do you have any medical conditions that may shorten your life ?  
  Have you been a continuous smoker for the last ten years ?  
  Security of Income    
  Do you want your pension to pay out at the same value for a fixed number of years after you die ?  
  Do you want to protect your pension against the effects of inflation ?  
  Do you wish to be able to review your pension at regular interviews (i.e. at five year intervals) without being locked into the same plan for life ?  
  Attitude towards Investment Risk    
  How much investment risk would you be prepared to take with your pension income ?